I grew up as a skinny-leg little girl in Detroit, Michigan. And while social and cultural beauty values view being thin as attractive, skinny legs are not viewed the same way.

My mother was the inspiration for the Skinny Leg Tribe. She would take my Go-Go boots to the cobbler to have them tailored but, unfortunately, that did not stop the bullying.

The idea for the Skinny Leg Tribe has been in my head since I was 14. However, I did not choose to pursue the idea until 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was shopping online for boots when I noticed stores advertising narrow-calf boots. In my excitement, I immediately ventured out to try them on. When I tried the boots, to my dismay, the fit exceeded the typical 2-inch gap! I thought this is ridiculous...now is the time to call in my Tribe!

Women with slender calves have difficulty finding boots that fit their legs. Petite women also struggle to find the perfect fit as they have difficulty finding boots at the correct height to fit their legs. We struggle with boots exceeding the top of our knees and gaps between calf and boot as large as two inches. Having slender or petite calves and long feet only exacerbates the problem because as the shoe size increases, so does the boot's circumference and the gap's width!

At Skinny Leg Tribe, we challenge contemporary beauty standards. We will not accept the fashion industry's standard measurements of a woman's leg size! We will provide the perfect fit for petite and slender calves. The Skinny Leg Tribe will showcase our Tribe's sexy legs and accentuate their "fit." Unrealistic social and cultural beauty values will not pressure the Tribe, as they will feel gorgeous about how they look in our boots!

I now understand my feminine allure and how exceptional I am! And I want every girl and woman with petite and slender calves to have this understanding of themselves as we encourage the Tribe to celebrate their unique beauty!

The mission of The Skinny Leg Tribe is to create a community that promotes body positivity while offering footwear that delivers the perfect fit, phenomenal comfort, timeless style, and luxurious quality.